50 inch tv as a monitor

I have an upcoming project, the user wants to use a 50 inch HD 4k tv as a monitor. Is it possible to divide the big screen in 6 sections to show diferent plant areas at the same time? Thanks for your help

One client with 6 windows?
I’m sorry if it sounds like a very simplistic answer but that’s the way I’ve done it in many different systems, Fix, Wonderware, etc. I don’t see how that would not work with Ignition.

Thanks for your answer gkawaguchi.
I never done this before: Should make little screens?
Thanks again

There’s nothing that says you can’t put it all in one window. I’d put each area into its own container to help with ease of layout, though.

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That’s another way to go. With the windows, it’s easy for the operator to rearrange the ones he needs at any time. With one window, it’s easier to set the positions and keep everything in place. I agree that it has to be done with containers.