[6004]Reporting SQL Query Parameter Deletion

Guys just found an issue that you might want to look at.

The first screen shot shows a where clause with 7 parameters assigned.
Second screen shot shows parameter 5 should have been removed from list but actually parameter 7 was removed.

Looks like if parameter is removed from query above it drops the last parameter thus parameters are out of sync now.

Oh, yeah, I see what you mean.

I think we should be able to detect which parameter to add/remove based on cursor position to improve this.

Hello Carl, this was never fixed and I don’t understand why not, this is a simple fix, easy to do, the software already knows which one should be deleted, because if I click on the parameter textbox ignition already highlights the correct Question Mark belonging to that parameter number( as you can see in the picture below), this is something very bad for me as customer that this was never fixed, so far every time i want to delete a parameter, for testing for example, i have to move all the parameter that after the one i deleted, or the query will not run. which is very time consuming and unnecessary. I’m sorry come back to this. but this is something that should have been fixed 4 years ago.

I understand your frustration, this is a big nuisance. However, it’s not quite as simple to fix as you suggest. When there are X parameters, it’s not hard to see which one the cursor is on. But the detection that a parameter is deleted isn’t cursor-based, it’s just any change in the text, so it’s tricky to detect which parameter was deleted.

What if we approached this from the other direction: How about we put a little “delete” action on each parameter edit box, and that button would simply delete the parameter in question along with its corresponding question mark?


Hi. yes that would be great. i’m sorry i replied thru the email but i see it does not post the email to here. I actually use that part of the report a huge amount of time your suggestion would make it much easier to edit and troubleshoot the report remove parameters.

But what I have to say is that. whatever route you decide to choose it is important to be careful because if you only add the delete action of the parameter it would take the “?” out. but if we then add “?” to the text , we run into the same problem as it only adds the parameter box to the end. So we would still need to move everything down one to the right to make it correct. so if i was doing this fix I would try do the following.

For deletion of parameter I would make exactly as you recommend putting a delete in the parameter box.

For inserting a new parameter “?” since it is not cursor base. i would added just like it is now. add the end of the parameter boxes but then add to each parameter box just like you add the Delete button add one Arrow to right, so for example lets say we have 5 parameter already and i add a ? between parameter 3 and 4. Ignition will add an empty box for parameter 6 but the order would be incorrect so if we would press the arrow in the parameter box #4 one time. this would move to the right all parameter that are after. it would move 4 to 5 , 5 to 6, and leave 4 empty.

I know it’s easier said than done. but it’s a suggestion.

Thanks for help. and I’m sorry if I explain the examples incorrectly