64 bit Windows = 64 bit Ignition?

We have a system that is running Windows Small Business Server 2011 64-bit. I just noticed that Ignition 32-bit is installed. We have seen some performance issues. Would it be a good idea to upgrade Ignition to the 64-bit version? Other than backing up the gateway before starting is there anything I should be aware of before doing this?

You’ll need 64-bit Java as well.

And there’s going to be no magic performance boost unless you give Ignition more memory (in ignition.conf) after you’ve upgraded to 64-bit.

I have 16 Gb of memory available. The server also runs Microsoft SQL. How much memory should I allow Ignition in order to see an impact?

That depends entirely on how many tags, projects, clients, devices, values changing per second, etc… you’ve got going on.

What do you have allocated now (1gb, if you haven’t changed from the default), and what performance issues are you seeing?

There are 3272 tags, 9 projects, 4 permanent clients, 17 running currently in since we are in the debug stage still, 7 devices. I’m not sure how to find how many values are changing per second.

The memory allocated now is the default.

We have been seeing a lot of timeouts during tag writes. I’ve been working with Tom Hechtman on these timeouts. I also struggle with the tags that I set in a timer script, either memory or opc, that may keep that timer from executing a task during the next scan, may not be set when that next scan comes around (minimum 250 ms). There are a few queries that I would like to perform better, but that is not an Ignition issue.

It wouldn’t hurt to increase the memory to 2gb or 4gb after upgrading since your server is plenty powerful, but honestly it doesn’t sound like your issues are going to disappear by increasing the memory.

I’m not sure what would be causing your timer script issues. The device/opc write timeouts aren’t affected by memory and neither is the query performance.

Ok. I’ll give that a try, and keep monitoring the issues I’m seeing. Thanks for the help.