7.2 goodies

Everybody’s all oo’ing and aa’ing about the mobile module, (very flashy I admit) but I think the biggest new feature is the staged release.

I know we talked about it last summer but I sure wasn’t expecting it this soon.

I really can’t wait for the beta now.
:prayer: :prayer:

Biggest feature for me is global search and replace :thumb_left:

And one thing that actually got left out of all the announcements: Leased scan classes now work like everyone expects them to- on the tag level (but just for internal providers). That is, now only the actual tags in use on a screen are subscribed, when part of a leased scan class.

Most people might not realize that this isn’t what happened before. Before 7.2, if you had a leased scan class, if any tag was in use, all of the tags in the scan class would be subscribed & executed.

Yeah I totally agree. Stage&Publish and Search&Replace are huge steps forward for the software. Yay progress!

still waiting for the 2d drawing feature

Maybe their going to surprise us when 7.2 is released. :smiling_imp:

(O come on, I can hope can’t I?)

Haha yeah right we wish. No, 2d drawing will be in 7.3.