7.2.x installation problems Windows 7

I have a strange installation problem.
On a laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64 bits, no problem.
On a desktop with Windows 7 Pro 32 bits, problems.

Ok so, I download the latest Ignition 7.2.3 (same happened with version 7.2.2 at least). Launch the install, click agree, it goes and do its bit, then it stays stuck at like 95%, it’s written ‘Installing Ignition’, green bar is at around 95% but nothing will ever happen.

Now If I launch a second time the installation (so 2 installations running at the same time). It asks me for upgrading the 1st one, I say yes. The 2nd one will finish installing.

Launching a browser, I get access to Ignition. All fine.

If I reboot. It’s all gone, launching the browser doesn’t work. I have to re-install using the double installation trick. In Start/Programs/Inductive Automation, there’s nothing there.

Help please

Works perfect on the laptop though

Are you downloading the 32-bit or 64-bit installer?

I’ll double check tomorrow when back in the office to be sure but I’m pretty sure I’m using the 32 bit, in fact I installed the 32 bit version on the 64 bit system.

There are a few things I would suggest trying:

A) Right click on the installer and select “Run as administrator”.

B) Instead of using the installer, download the zip file version of Ignition. Extract it to a folder somewhere and try running the “install-ignition” batch file from the command line. If it fails, what error does it give you? If it succeeds, try starting the server by calling “start-ignition” batch file.

Make sure that Java 6 is installed, and that it is installed correctly. From the command line, try running:
“>java -version”

If it’s the wrong version or you get a message stating that “java” is not a valid command, try installing the JRE from java.com first.

Hope this helps,

I tried before to run as administrator (I’m logged in as admin already), Java 6 Update 24 was installed.

When I did the installation using the zip file, on running “install-ignition” batch file, I had an error, Ignition Gateway service already running…

I deleted the service within the registry, rebooted, and now it works fine.

Thanks a lot