7.3.5 Problem with Disable Browse? Allen Bradley Drivers


I had an SLC 5/04 on DH+ accessed via a controllogix gateway using a DHRIO card. It is node 17 (octal) on the DH+ network out of approximately 18 devices.

It stopped communicating some time ago (the logs have refreshed and written over the exact date). Ignition was continuing to try and connect to it.

Anyway it was set to “Disable Browse” at start up (the idea was to improve system restoration speeds without having the network bogged down with “refresh browse” related packets). So the first thing I tried was unchecking this checkbox and it started up without any problems. Not sure if you have noticed other people having problems with this relatively new feature but thought I’d let you know.

Here is sample output from the log files prior to fixing it.

[code] | 2012/04/02 04:57:17 | WARN [TimeoutDaemon] [04:57:17,776]: com.inductiveautomation.xopc.drivers.allenbradley.requests.ABSLCConnectRequest@18bc3c5 request with key “2” failed due to timeout.

INFO | jvm 1 | 2012/04/02 04:57:17 | WARN [ABSLCConnectRequest] [04:57:17,776]: [800GPMWTP] Initialization request failed due to TIMEOUT[/code]