7.3 beta Windows package

Where do you want comments placed regarding the betas? I will be testing both the Linux and Windows versions.

First comment: Symbol Factory only allows us to use the first symbol in each package since this is demo mode. It is hard to test when all you can use is the first graphic.

Our hands are tied re: Symbol Factory…

As for problems, since the beta is now public I guess problems go in the Ignition Problems forum.

Which license do we need to have on our machines to unlock the demo mode?

You need to buy the Symbol Factory module to unlock it, at which point it will be added to your current license.

I think it’s very important to point out that this is not our choice. This is how the standard SymbolFactory demo works, and we’re simply required to use the same system.


I didn’t think it was Inductive Automation’s choice. What I am trying to determine with Myron in sales is how this will be implemented at the customer level. If I use one of the Symbol Factory graphics on an OEMs project, do they need the Symbol Factory module to use it?

Ah, ok… well, you guys can discuss the various ins and outs of the licensing, but I think questions like this are bound to come up a lot in various scenarios: The objects on the screens are images (well, our new “2d drawings”). When you have a licensed symbol factory and make a screen, and then export that screen… it will import and be usable in any Ignition install. The Symbol Factory license is only necessary to move items from symbol factory onto a screen.

If your customer wants to open the designer and modify the images on the screen, they can do that. If they would want to add a new image, they would need symbol factory.

(I should note that I’m speaking from a technical point of view. While I’m not aware of any particular licensing issues concering this, I haven’t looked at the license myself yet)

Hope this helps a bit,

To be clear: No.

Imagine you bought the stand-alone version of Symbol Factory. You could export those symbols to *.SVG, and import them into Ignition, without any special considerations on the Ignition side. The Symbol Factory module works in much the same manner - once the graphic is on the screen it no longer requires the symbol factory module to be installed.

Given this, I think you can understand why they structure their demo like they do - otherwise you could take the symbols you wanted in the “trial” mode and never purchase their library.