7.3 Beta

What is the status of the 7.3 beta? Thanks for the information.

yes, can’t wait to see this :wink:

Soon, for real this time. We’re waiting on some fixes for issues we know about. Patience.

Ok, it’s up under the beta forum. If you don’t have access to the beta forum, PM me.

Hi Carl

Can you give me access to beta forum?
Would like to test few new functions.

Tommi Vahtera
THT Control Oy

Sure, you should have access now.

Can you give me access to beta forum?

Ok, you now have access.

Guys can you grant me access please?



Ok added.

Another request for beta access. Really want to see if our memory leak issue is addressed.


Requesting beta access to 7.3.

Interested to see if Controllogix memory issue with large tag databases is resolved.

Thank you!

AndyK76, you’ve been added. Please report back to us with your findings.

could you give me access to beta forum?

Ok, you have been added.

Can I be added… :prayer:

Oh, I guess. Just kidding, you have been added.

I was going to say “me too, me too! Ooh! Ooh!” and wave my arm like Horshack, but I can wait the extra week or two. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you asked so nicely! :smiley: You have been added.