7.3 Trending Issues

Hey guys,

I’m noticing some troubling issues in the new trending displays on version 7.3. Take a look at this trend:

The green line is the motor speed of this line. The motor ramps up fairly quickly to 60 Hz and then stays there until it’s shut off, but when it’s displayed on the trend it looks like a gradual increase in speed until the conveyor shuts off then goes to zero. From what I saw and read on the changes made to 7.3 it looks like Ignition is doing this to save time and resources. On a small scale of time this is fine, but over 2 and a half hours it makes the information useless, now everyone is going to think that the conveyor gradually increased in speed when it really did not.

Is there something I have to do to change how this is displayed or is this how it is now?


You’re right, this behavior isn’t correct. It’s a problem with the value storage, and we should be able to get it fixed for 7.3.1. In the mean time, the only way you can really correct it would be to insert a 0 value for the tag right before the time it starts. Unfortunately, this might be a bit tedious… which is why I’ll try to get this fixed as quickly as possible!


Thanks! No one has noticed it yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I start hearing about it :stuck_out_tongue:

This has been fixed for 7.3.1. The behavior would still be the same if using “opc timestamp” mode in conjunction with analog tag mode, but in that case, you would probably want to change the tag mode to discrete.


I upgraded to 7.3.1 yesterday and the trends look much better now. Thanks for getting this fixed!