7.5.4 breaks some AB OPC-UA device configs!

I’ve replicated this on other computers. Upon upgrading or installing fresh, I create a new OPC-UA device (or will have already had the same device created in the case of an upgrade), this device is SLC and has an IP address and connection path. Other than those items, defaults were left. This device will remain trying to connect (determining protocol).

This problem did not exist in the previous two versions.

Also, possibly related, PLC5 devices intermittently lose address ranges, which causes problems with project that relying on them.

Please help!


I spoke to support, and they had me downgrade just the AB driver and restart the gateway. This worked fine and all the SLCs are connected again. Hopefully this will get fixed in the next version.

For the time being, that is the workaround - downgrading to the 7.5.3 AB driver. We’re currently working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.

Thanks for the heads up Ed.

Also, if your still able to upload your logs that would be most helpful.

I did upload the log file via the file upload facility for a ticket #.