7.5.6 -> 7.6.0 -> 7.6.2 AD/Internal Hybrid Users Missing

After upgrading from 7.5.6 to 7.6.0, all of my (AD/Internal Hybrid ) users are missing from the Manage Users and Roles page.

Verify an Authentication Profile… shows that the users are still in the system somewhere, with the correct roles, but you cannot see the users or edit their roles.

Please help me get my users back.

All internal users are still showing under manage users.

I have the same issue.

I fixed it by defining a browse user, then filtering to a specific portion of the AD tree, I was getting too many users returned.

I just want it set up as it was. The test authentication shows the old users still have the same roles assigned so I know they are not lost. How to I get them back so I can manage them.

The answer to this right now is that you have to add the correct credentials to your AD/Internal Hybrid user source so that it can browse active directory and find the users.

Some customers are having issues with this because the resulting query returns too many users and the query fails.

We’re looking at adding a mode where it functions as it used to.


If you guys would come up with a scheme with some of the old functionality that would be the best of both worlds!
[ul]> Be able to “add user” and browse AD list of users (with support for returning larger AD lists, for those of us (me too) that have that issue) This would ensure the new users are “valid”[/ul]
[ul]> Keep the same functionality of the AD/Internal to be able to use the new admin controls to update/edit users[/ul]

While I like the new AD connection setup, with our company, Ignition is only deployed for < 5% of over 3K users in Active Directory. This makes maintain a list that long really un-manageable when we only care about a few users and those are the only ones that should be able to use Ignition.

What I’m going to (try to) do is give you an option of listing users from AD. If you do not choose to list them, then it will function like it used to, and you’ll have to add the by hand. But it will still of course authenticate them against active directory, and you’ll be able to edit them with the new management stuff.

Ok, I can confirm that for 7.6.2, the AD/Internal will have an option to not list users from active directory, where it will act very much like it did prior to 7.6, allowing you to add users by hand. And this will be compatible with the new user management component.

When will 7.6.2 be released?

Any dates set?

7.6.2-rc4 is currently available on our website, I believe that rc5 will be up today, possibly. There may be a couple of weeks before the “stable” release of 7.6.2. I would suggest upgrading to the rc if you need this functionality now.

Ok, I have upgraded to 7.6.2.

I can still log in with AD accounts. Those that had AD-Internal users configured before still have the same group membership as before. Problem is, We cannot add, edit or delete users. See pictures below.

This think just keeps getting flushed down the board. My issue was first acknowledged in June. I have waited and I have followed your instruction. I still have the same problem.

Please help!

Have you unchecked the option that I put in for you?