7.5 demo acknowledge script

I would like to create an alarm query display screen that has start and start dates on it. I imported the alarm summary screen from the 7.5 demo project but the alarm acknowledge and acknowledge all push buttons scripts don’t work. Could I get a copy of winodw or an acknowledge and acknowledge all script that works?

Thank you

There should be a property on the window somewhere that specifies the name of the Alert Storage Profile you want the table to use. As long as that gets set properly, everything else should line up.

Note: This requires that you have an Alert Storage Profile configured in the Ignition gateway.

My storage profile is ok and the table is showing active alarms, it is just the acknowledge buttons don’t work.

Ah, I see now. We’ll work on getting those fixed for the actual demo project. In the meantime, the acknowledge button can be made to work relatively easily. The script it runs depends on custom properties that are supposed to point to the column with the Tag Path, but it doesn’t. The properties just need their bindings changed so they point to the correct columns.

The acknowledge all button is a little trickier. The script it calls used to acknowledge all alerts if you passed in blank strings, but that doesn’t work any more either. So you’ll have to loop through all the active alerts using system.alert.queryAlertStatus().

We only recently had this brought to our attention, so a fix from our end should be coming soon.

I’m not in a hurry, but would you please let me know when a fix is available?


Right, there was a problem with an earlier demo project. We have fixed the issue in our new demo project. Here is a new alarm history window you can use:

Alarm_History_window.proj (34.7 KB)