7.5 install and Java 7 UPDATED

I installed the newest version to check out all the cool new features. Everything seemed to go pretty smooth up until I tried to launch the designer. I get an error every time. Hopefully I have attached all the correct diagnostic files. If not please instruct me one which other ones are needed.

Help is very appreciated! :prayer:

wrapper.log (283 Bytes)
wrapper.log (150 KB)

Is there a chance that the underscore 32 has some meaning within the Java Web Start? Does this indicate the possibility that there is something calling the 32 bit version?

Check out this thread, specifically this post and my response directly below it … do you happen to have two (or more) installations of Java on your machine?

This could be caused by Ignition being pointed at a 32 bit installation of Java. You can fix this by editing the Ignition.conf file in your Ignition folder.

Edit this line

wrapper.java.command=C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jre7/bin/java.exe

to look like this

wrapper.java.command=C:/Program Files/Java/jre7/bin/java.exe

This might clear up what you have going on

@bryan cook, I shouldnt have had two installations. I did a complete remove with Ccleaner although that may be an illusion it was in fact gone before I installed anew. Then last night it updated with the FX…
I will check the conf file and read your posts. Thanks for the feedback :thumb_right:

Considering that the failed launch message says “Java Webstart 1.6.0_32”, I’m pretty sure you have some sort of versioning issue going on.

Setting the specific Java install that the gateway uses in the ignition.conf will help avoid problems on that end, but won’t affect webstart. The webstart system is always a tad tricky to figure out… I myself recently went through a bunch of stuff to try to get webstart to prefer Java 7 (originally to help test). Sadly, I can’t really say how I got it to work, or if I even did get it to stick reliably. Anyhow, if you don’t want multiple versions installed, you should be able to get it cleaned up and have everything point to your one install.


Okay when I got home this evening I made changes to the conf file and the reg key. Attached are some of the results. Also changed the gateway settings for just 1.7. My dev machine at work is XP, I would like to upgrade it to but am a little nervous to with the issues here but they are different os environments alltogether and here at home i have let java do all the updating that it wants to . My workplace is a little different.
The second error happened when I tried to launch the designer from the start menu instead of the gateway.

As Bryan indicated and I agree this is getting pretty in depth to get ignition running.
I may attempt the un-install re-install. During that I will uninstall Ignition/Java …ALL.
What reg keys does Java/Ignition leave behind? I usually use CCleaner but I may want to “get them all”
If something is left behind, I want it gone so that I can actually start with a fresh install of everything.

The Ignition uninstaller will remove Registry keys for you, but in case you want to double-check, Ignition has a Registry entry under /HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/InductiveAutomation. I would recommend uninstalling all Java JVMs and just install Java 7 (be sure to use the 64-bit Java installer to avoid further headaches).