7.6.2 power systems tactical display design guidance

Just upgraded to 7.6.2 and started to explore some of the new features. General impression, love it. {rant begin} Suggestions to IA is, please post either post more thorough documentation or make some examples of how to use new features available. It’d sure save a lot of time. {rant end}

Anyway, we’ve got a number of buildings, each with a power monitor on the main electrical service. At the moment we’ve got a neat display of most of the critical parameters. Power problems are bad for productivity and bottom line, especially if the problem happens to manifest after hours. The last thing you want is for a shift to come in and have 30 guys are standing around all saying they can’t work because of a power failure.

Problem with the old display is it takes some skill to interpret those numbers and identify a problem. Some of the new charting and display features have the potential to wrap all that data into easy to read need to know visuals so I started messing around this afternoon. Alarms are great but, when you get an alarm the first thing you do is log in to get the specifics quickly.

In this one the spider chart at the bottom shows L-L and L-N so things like phase loss, phase imbalance, in or out of tariff are going to be immediately obvious. Then I realized I can do just about anything with this, stopped and realized I need to figure out exactly what would be most helpful.

Thinking this is a very common application that has probably been solved a hundred times and if I shared what I’m doing, maybe others would share what they find works best. Anyone have any thoughts?