7.6.4 Alarm Notification Audits

First, thanks for adding audits to the Alarm Notifications. Could you make the following improvements -

SMS Audit

  1. Add audit entries for when SMS are received. There should be separate entries for Received SMS Acknowledged and Received SMS Failure.

Voice Audit
2. The ‘place call’ entry comes after the call was placed. An acknowledged voice notification will have the following entries in this order - answer confirmed, acknowledged, place call. Shouldn’t the place call entry happen when the call is placed, not after the call?

Consistency (These are things the end user noticed were not consistent in the audit log)
3. All audit actions are in lower case except the Send SMS action, perhaps send SMS or send sms would be more consistent.
4. The value of a Send SMS is SUCCESS. Yes the customer is very happy about sending an sms, but there’s no reason to shout about it :wink: Perhaps a value of null which would be consistent with the voice audit value entries or just ‘success’. Probably null would be best since I’m fairly sure there’s no acknowledgement back to Ignition that the SMS did go through, a value of ‘success’ implies that Ignition knows the SMS went through.
5. Audit User - All audit events (tag writes, logins, logouts) display just the users name, audit events for voice and SMS display the provider and user name. Why is the provider information included with the user name for the voice and SMS entries? Same question applies to the Tag name.