7.6 Active Alarms Distributed System

We have our system setup where we have several remote machines that all log alarms locally and then also log alarms to the office at the same time. The thing is i need a way to show active alarms at the office also. Since there is no alarming system at the office the normal components and scripts won’t work. It would need to be db driven.

Does anyone have the queries needed to make this work.

You could start with something like this:SELECT * FROM alarm_events e LEFT JOIN alarm_event_data d ON e.id = d.id ORDER BY e.eventtimeAnd then filter out the d.propname values that you don’t want.

Been off on several other projects and just got back to this. Your query just gets all the alarms in the database that’s not what i need. I need the currently active alarms ie alarms in alarm at the remote location. Just using the alarm table i dont see how this could be done but maybe i am missing something. I would think we would need some way to hook to the remote alarm journal to get this live status info to the remote site.

Add a where clause containing your condition, something like WHERE …

eventtype = 0 for active alarms

source like '%path/to/folder/or/alarm%'to filter by path,


displaypath like '%displaypath_if_you_use_it%'

You can find a good description of the Alarm Journal schema here: http://www.inductiveautomation.com/support/usermanuals/ignition/index.html?alert_storage.htm