7.6 Alarm Active/Reset Problems

Hey guys,

I’m having some issues with alarms that are set for “Above Setpoint” activating below the setpiont and then never resetting. These alarms have a few differences from other alarms that I have set up so I’m not sure which of them may be causing the issue.

Difference #1: These alarms are on tags that have linear scaling
Difference #2: These alarms have setpoints that are bound to memory tag values

You can see from the pictures below that the alarms are activating when they shouldn’t and resetting hours from when the alarms activate (If you look at the alarm trend it looks like it’s almost working backwards but not respecting the alarm setpoint at all). I kind of have a feeling it might have something to do with the tag having scaling on it, but I’m not sure. FYI.

I’m not seeing this behavior in 7.6.2, are you still having this problem?

No, this was fixed a while ago. Thanks!

Was this fixed by a software update or something else?

Yeah, one of the beta updates fixed it. I don’t remember which one.