7.6 Alarm Deadbands Not Working Correctly

Hey guys,

I noticed that on some of my alarms the alarm deadband does not seem to be working correctly. I’ll show an example of an alarm setup and alarm history. The example is of an alarm that should be active if the value goes below a setpoint, in this case 80.0. There is a deadband of 5 set. According to the manual and how it always used to work, the alarm should go active when the value goes below 80, but not clear until the value gets above 85. However, this is not how it’s working currently. Even though the alarm setpoint is 80 it seems to be adding the deadband value and will alarm and reset at 85. The alarms I notice this on all seem to be set as “Below Setpoint” so I don’t know if it’s just a problem with that setting or if it’s that way for other types of alarms as well. FYI.


What version are you running? There was a problem with deadbands, but it was fixed last thursday (not sure which update). At any rate, with the current rc, I can’t directly replicate it just by using those settings.


Yeah, I think it was fixed. That was in 7.6.0, I have not seen that problem in 7.6.1 RC4 yet (that I’ve noticed anyway…)

Oh, doh! I didn’t even look at when the post was made. We’ve been blazing through posts trying to get to things under control… :frowning:

Anyhow, glad it’s working.