7.6 Alarm Errors in Console

Hey guys,

I keep getting the following errors showing up in the console for e-mail alerts. They all seem to be getting sent out though so I’m not sure what these errors are telling me.

The first alarm doesn’t make sense because it says that the pipeline that the alarm is sent to is disabled, but it is not. Maybe this is for an earlier version pipeline that I did have disabled but it shouldn’t be sending to that one anymore.

The second alarm I get every time an alert gets sent out. The alert goes through fine though so I’m not sure what this is for:

This third alarm comes in once in a while, but I’m not sure what it’s for. Again, all of the alerts seem to be going out fine. I’m just noticing these errors in the console. FYI.

Which version of 7.6 is this? 7.6.0? 7.6.1-rcN?

I think whatever it was was fixed already. I have not been getting these errors in 7.6.1 RC4 so far. This was in 7.6.0 I believe.