7.6 Alert upgrade issues

Hi Guys,

I think I must be missing something???

When upgrading to V7.6 the Alerting system is meant to handle the legacy Alerting arrangement…

However I am finding that the email alerts custom messages using the Alert properties eg. {[Time]} no longer work? I can make them work by going into the alert properties and updating it with a new expression. Unfortunately by doing this I cant get it to display the multiline text I had in the email body…

As said earlier, I must be missing something…

cheers for any help



There was a problem replacing the old property references, in the legacy notification profile. It has been fixed for 7.6.2 (a beta should be up soon). As an immediate work around, if feasible, you could try using just a simple alarm pipeline going to the new email notification profile, which should handle these references correctly.

On a different note, you didn’t mention this exactly, but we’re aware that the new editor doesn’t allow multi-line strings (I mean straight string values, not expressions- in which you could probably concat new line characters “\n”), and we will soon add a text box under the “no binding” tab to accommodate this.



I went the path of creating a pipeline to get the emails back online.

Just a it more work than I had anticipated.

Thanks for the reply.