7.6 beta AD/Database Hybrid

Hey guys,

I was playing around with the new 7.6 beta version on my development server trying to figure out what I will have to do to upgrade later on and I’m very confused with the new user management stuff.

If you’re upgrading a AD/Database hybrid profile, do you need to create all of the new tables that are listed in the beta document? There doesn’t seem to be the same query options in the AD/DB hybrid setup as there are in the Database profile setup so I’m confused on what I actually need.

Do I just need to add the contact info and extra properties tables and write the queries for those? There is no schedule adjustment query option either.

I was going to just add of the additional tables but there query options are different between the two profiles so it looks like I can’t? And those new tables are fundamentally different from the original ROLES, USERS, and USER_ROLE_MANAGEMENT tables that are already there (different keys and such).

So, in short, I’m not sure how to upgrade/add tables to get the new alarming and scheduling stuff to work with the old AD/Database hybrid stuff. Obviously this isn’t a big deal now, I’m just trying to prepare for when this comes out of beta. Thanks guys!


Good questions! Most of what you mentioned is oversight. You see, the AD/DB hybrid is now sort of an unnecessary kind of user source. Now that internal profiles are editable via the client, there is much less of a need for this sort of profile.

Anyhow, the lack of a schedule adjustment query was an oversight, and while fixing it, I noticed that the contact info and extra props queries weren’t being used correctly either. These have all been fixed in the next beta.

The AD/DB Hybrid is a combination of the AD profile (for authentication and user listing) and the expert-style DB profile. So yeah, tables are all of your own creation. You write the appropriate queries by hand.

Ok, I will have to think about what I want to do then.

Would you recommend that I switch from AD/DB hybrid to AD/Internal hybrid? I’m currently using the USERS table for a messaging system so I’ll have to think about how to change that over if I switch the user profile over then. hmmm… upgrading is always fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you shouldn’t have to switch over. AD/DB isn’t going away.

Are the internal tables available at the client in the current beta? I know it required specific scripting functions that weren’t working in the beta.

Not directly, but check out the new components under the “Admin” tab.

Didn’t even notice the tab… was too busy playing with everything else.

I know there is talk about making the dialer stand-alone. How is that going to work?

Simple - just only have the alarm notification modules installed.

How does it work with configuring tags for alarming? I guess my question is how does it link into other HMIs alarming? Or at the least - how do we browse their database or OPC and set up the alarming? Don’t we need the vision module to configure a lot of the pipelines and tags?

Well the question of “how do I connect to other HMIs to get their tags” is too general. Ideally they would expose this information via OPC.

You do not need the Vision module to configure tags or pipelines. Remember, Vision != designer. The vision module just adds the “Windows” part of the designer.

That answers my question! Thanks