7.6 Upgrade - UDT Issues

Here’s another problem I discovered after the upgrade.

I have a UDT that has several Data Type Parameters. One of these is an Integer that I use as a constant in expressions for other tags in the UDT. It either has a value of 350 or 1400 that I set when I add the UDT Data Type in the SQL Tags Browser.

The parameter is called ‘LBS Per Inch Constant’ (see the attached screen capture)

This parameter is referenced in an expression tag called ‘LBS Per Inch’ that’s part of the UDT and is used in other expression tags in the UDT.

UDT’s with a value of 350 work fine. The UDT’s using 1400 causes everything referenced by the constant to break with the following error

“Syntax Error on Token: ‘Comma’(lineX, CharXX)” line and char vary depending on the tag.

If I change the value to anything less than 1000, it will work.

This is something else that I will have to wait to get fixed before I can upgrade.

Pretty sure this one is fixed too - in 7.6.0 values over 999 are erroneously being formatted to include a comma.

After the upgrade to 7.6.1, this is also resolved