7.61 xml Tag Export/Import loosing properties

1 When exporting an integer tag there is no DataType property produced (maybe this is default and need not be specified), but when the xml file is imported (unmodified) it become a string tag?

2 All tags export with no DriverName property, so all subsequent imports show config error?

Ignition Version: 7.6.1 (b2278)
Tag provider: External MySQL


Thanks, we’ll get this fixed for 7.6.2. Yes, the exporter doesn’t currently export default values, but in this particular case, it’s not applying the default correctly on the import, so the tags are coming in as strings. The driver name property is simply missing.

I think 7.6.2 rc 2 is being uploaded now, so it won’t be in that, but the next one.


Heh, I ran into the opposite issue. I upgraded from 7.5.6 to 7.6.1 and it turned my transaction group strings into int4s. I was able to correct it by exporting and reimporting the them from xml at least.