7.7.2 Send To Issue

If you send screens or templates to one project to another project and the items exist, the items in the receiving project do not get overwritten, the items show up double.

If you open and save one of the items in the receiving project it saves the item with (1) as a suffix.

Has anyone else seen this. The only work around I’ve found is to Delete the items in the project you are sending to and then send from the other project.

I have seen this as well. I did the same thing: deleted the object in the destination project and then re-sent it from the source project.

This is by design. Everything has this behavior, from windows to tags. It’s to prevent us from accidentally overwriting something we actually wanted to keep.

EDIT: Never mind this post. My mistake for not keeping up with new features…

Then why does it warn you that if the items are existing in the project you are sending them to, they will be overwritten?

If i’m being warned that they are being overwritten then shouldn’t they be overwritten??

Just trying to be on the same page on your workflow.

How are you moving these? By Export/Import? Copy/Paste?

Was this something that overwrote before, but now doesn’t?

Sorry, Jimmy, just found the Send To. Never noticed it before… :confused:

Trying it out in 7.7.1…

I can confirm that it overwrites in 7.7.1.

I remember it working properly in 7.7.1 as well. Something is a little broke in 7.7.2 in this aspect.

This is good to know. I use the “Send to” a lot. Will have to remember it when we upgrade.

I’ve put in a ticket to have this fixed.