7.7.5 CPU Usage

We have just installed 7.7.5 x 64 on Linux. There has been a significant increase in CPU usage on our gateway. We are upgrading from 7.5.6 to 7.7.5. Our gateways even with our projects runs at about 9% cpu. With no projects and a blank gateway the cpu usage is somewhere around 16%. Any suggestions on any particular areas to look at in regards to the high cpu usage?

I’m not seeing any significant difference, at least on a fresh install with no projects.

How are you viewing/measuring the CPU usage?


I am looking at the live value on the status page of the gateway.

Okay. That’s not the best indication because the act of viewing that page actually generates a surprising amount of CPU usage. It polls every second, telling the server to do a relatively expensive operation, and then the CPU usage is captured while all this is happening…

If you have the JDK installed you can use a tool like jvisualvm to attach and get a better picture of CPU usage. Or even some basic linux tools like top/htop would be better.

Should I send a screenshot of what my top results are?