7.7.5 project on a 7.7.4 Gateway

So we are new to Ignition and I have an issue that has come up.

We shipped a system to our customer that was running the 7.7.4 version of the Gateway. Well after the project shipped we did a computer upgrade here at the office and with out paying it any attention I installed the 7.7.5 Gateway on my machine and proceeded with making some bug fixes that the customer had reported. After making the changes I saved the .proj file and sent it to them with instructions on how to import it. Now the issue is that since I was designing with the 7.7.5 Designer and they are running 7.7.4 they cant import the new .proj file. Is there any work around to fixing this other then installing 7.7.4 and redoing all my changes?

The customer could upgrade to Ignition 7.7.5.


What would be required for them to do that? what kind of risk is there?

.proj files are xml with serialization. If you haven’t actually used anything new from v7.7.5, you could change the version signature in the .proj file with a text editor. But don’t just send it to the customer that way – install 7.7.4 in a VM in your office to replicate their install, and import the tweaked .proj file yourself. Verify that it works properly before asking your customer to import it.

Ignition 7.7.5 would need to be downloaded from the Inductive Automation website. The installer for Ignition 7.7.5 would need to be run.

It depends on the specific configuration of their gateway. The Gateway would go down for a minute or two or three and then come back up. I think there is unlikely to be any problems. I haven’t had any problems upgrading a minor version in a very long time, but you never know what will happen until you do it. Always do a gateway backup before upgrading just in case – that way you can go back to the prior working version if needed.

I encourage my customers to upgrade to the latest production version because the latest version often works better and has more features that I can use to provide more value to my customer.


Ok good advice. we might be doing a more advanced update in the future and I will seriously considering updating it then.