7.7.6: No servlet "urlproxy" found

I’m trying to use this functionality, and don’t work on versions 7.7.6 (also on 7.8.1). In 7.7.5 still work.

Using the url in the browser, responds: ‘No servlet “urlproxy” found.’

We are developing on 7.7.6 (and I don’t know if we can upgrade to 7.7, specially considering the internal database change) because we are close to “go live” date.

Is possible fix this for 7.7.6?


This functionality is hidden behind a startup flag now.

In your ignition.conf, under the additional params section, you can add an entry for -Dvision.urlproxy.enabled=true and it should work again.


Is this functionality still available in v8.x? I have a customer who is looking to get this working and I’m not having much luck. They have added the additional “urlproxy” line to their ignition.conf. I’m trying the same thing on my home version of Maker and I’m getting the same servlet “urlproxy” not found. Does this only work with the vision module or will perspective work as well? Will this work with a secure SSL connection?

It still exists (for backwards compatibility only) but it is added via the Vision module.