7.7 upgrade 403 on weblaunch

Bit of a strange one…

client and server is on linux.

After upgrade to 7.7 i can launch client/designer fine from clientlauncher.sh

However web launch fails with a 403 error on scriptModules.

I am using icedtea-web 1.3.2.

Has been working fine under 7.6.*

Interestingly oracle javaws 1.7 clients appear to launch (but suffer from the jnlp launch bug on linux).

Summary of fault from cli.

Downloading “”…
Connect successful.
Download attempt #2 for third party Python modules failed.

In browser I can open the listed URL and get a file to download.

Attached is output from javaws -verbose
dump.txt (34.5 KB)

As per your dump file, it looks like you are using a proxy? Is this configured in your iced-tea settings? If so, maybe the proxy is blocking the /scriptModules subURL, which is new for 7.7.

You are indeed correct.

Javaws was incorrectly grabbing my firefox proxy settings for some reason. (I tell internal addresses to go direct)

I’ve configured it manually and all is now ok.

I’d only used it just moments before so I didn’t tweak. The .zip file would have given the 403 via our proxy.