7.8.0 Reporting with dataset parameter

Hello all- I would like to use the row selector object to feed a filtered dataset directly to a new 7.8.0 report. There is of course a dataset parameter type, but when you prop map the data out from the row selector to this parameter in a report viewer, the report viewer indicates an error. Perhaps something needs to be done with scripting datasources but I am unclear. Anyone? Thank you in advance.

Can you post details about the error?

I am attaching a screenshot.
To clarify, I want to take a row filtered dataset and pass it to a report, and use that data to populate the report. So I created a parameter of type “dataset” called ‘dt’. Of course the report had no idea of the content of the dataset, so I assumed that the elements of the eventual dataset would be available just like results from a query are, but I would have to manually type in the field names- so I dropped a table on the report, gave it a Data Key of ‘dt’, and in the details row put @id@ (because id is one of the fields that will be passed in as part of the dataset) . I do not know if all of my assumptions are right- IS this the right way to get a dataset into a report from the outside?

When I put the reportviewer on the screen and linked the output of the row selector to the ‘dt’ parameter, the error in the attachment was the result.

I see what the issue is. We’ll get it fixed for 7.8.1

Thanks Carl. Is there an ETA on 7.8.1?

RC should be up this week.