7.8.1 and possibel future hotfixes

We have been waiting for 7.8.1 for a few months now, our customer is getting upset that we can’t fix the report save feature as I had worked with tech support and they said it will be fixed in 7.8.1.

I would like to see in the future a way to “hotfix” the current install right away. Other software HMI/SCADA companies do this, as we can’t let our clients wait to repair their systems.

The beta and rc releases are probably the closest thing we have to this - I’ll try to find out exactly which bug you’re talking about and see if it’s fixed in the currently available beta1 on the downloads page, or if it’s fixed in the rc1 that will be uploaded either today or early next week.

Yes, it’s fixed in 7.8.1-beta1.

I knew the Beta versions are there, but always is a rule of thumb to never use the “beta” version in production right?

Yes, that’s the safest way to play it. But in this case you can use just the reporting module beta, and weigh the risk of using a beta version against the perceived cost or inconvenience this bug is causing.

Besides… what would you think the difference between a “hot fix” and a “beta” or “rc” is, other than the name?

Yes, many users are not comfortable using beta software in production. I was just confirming for you that the fix has been made. -rc1 should be up in the next few days, so if you’re comfortable using that in production, you’ll have the fix very soon.

Thanks - I did not think about just being able to use the beta version of the reporting module. That would be a good fix, to just update that module instead of the whole project.

So to do that on the install I would just only select the reporting module from the custom installation?

Download just the reporting module from the early access 7.8.1-beta downloads page (the modules are listed down below the installers).

Navigate to the gateway’s module page, and click the install module link, browse to the .modl file you downloaded, and install it.

When your browser downloads the module from the downloads page it might rename it to end with .zip. If it does, rename it back to .modl.

Unfortunately, the changes in the reporting module rely on changes also made to the Ignition platform. Normally you would be able to just update the module, but that isn’t going to work for 7.8.0 -> 7.8.1. :frowning: