7.8.1 with 7.7.6rc1 bug fix and features add

I wonder if 7.8.1 will include 7.7.6rc1 bug fix and features add.
7.7.6rc1 changelog contains lots of fix and we would like to have these fix included in 7.8.x before upgrading to 7.8.x
What is the approximative schedule for 7.7 6 and 7.8.1 released ?

7.7.6 is scheduled to be released next week (Monday or Tuesday).

7.8.1 will include all of the fixes from 7.7.6. No date on that yet, though.

Thanks Kevin for these clarifications.

7.8.1rc1 seems not to have the 7.7.6 fixes, especially fixes and performance enhancement about redundancy.
I missed something ? Or it is scheduled in next 7.8.1 rc or after in 7.8.2 :scratch:

What fixes in particular are missing? We pulled 7.7.x code into 7.8.x on December 16, which is after 7.7.6 release, so everything should be in there.

Ok, I thought that 7.8.1 changelog will contain the same data that 7.7.6 changelog and other items…
Perhaps the add of a link from 7.8.1 changelog to 7.7.6 would be more accurate to have the full 7.8.1 changelog :question:

I am waiting for theses fixes in 7.8.x before upgrading from 7.7.6 :
inductiveautomation.com/downloa … 12?q=Redun

Ah, I see where the confusion is. No, the 7.7.x changes won’t show up in 7.8.x change logs. I’ll pass the suggestion on to our web team.

I just verified that all those changes made it into 7.8.1-rc1

is the legacy notification issue fixed in 7.8.1 and 7.7.6?

inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … 94&t=14550

I don’t know what the ticket number is, so it’s hard for me to check. Your best bet would be to email Sam (sngeru at inductive automation.com), reference that forum post, and ask him to check for you.