7.8.2 Automated Gateway Backups

Well had issue this morning were we needed to go back to a backup of our gateway that is automatically backed up to NAS every morning at 4am. so we have fresh backup each day before any changes are made or so we thought. So we just needed a new report that was created yesterday that some how got scrabbled today (issue for another post). So we booted up vm we use for this type thing. Copied over the latest backup from the NAS and restored. We have done this same thing for years no issues. Well it appears something in 7.8.2 has for what ever reason stopped backing up all the projects on the gateway. When restoring the automated backup we only get one project that shows up (we have 3 actually on gateway) not a good thing.

So not that it helps our situation but i went to the gateway and created a “manual” gateway backup and rested it all the projects are there with that backup. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Any ideas???