7.8.2: log flooded by "'dateFormat' function expected a 'date' first argument, but got null tag-provider=default"


On our 7.9.12 server the wrapper.log file is literally flooded by the message above:

'dateFormat' function expected a 'date' first argument, but got null  tag-provider=default

I was pointed to this forum thread but I didn’t understand where I should apply that patch. Is that the correct solution? How to fix the warning?


You are getting this in your gateway because some expression tag is getting something invalid as a date. You’ll have to search your tags for the problem expression.

Is there any way to find this info?
You would think the Gateway could tell you where the error is happening so you can fix it because when you 300,000+ tags, its not really logical to look through them for this.

Is this 7.8.2 or 7.9.12 ?

But I’d export all the tags as XML and use a proper code text editor to search for dateFormat(.

In 8.x I think you could set the logger for “tags.execution.actors.expr” to DEBUG and start seeing execution failures in the gateway logs that have a value set for the “tag” key.

Its 7.9.12.
Would a try statement prevent this from happening? Or do i need to use isNull?

Using isNull around the parameter works here, as the try statement still produces the error in an expression. Doesn't matter if the try was around the parameter or whole expression, still produced the error.

Resurrected this thread to answer this in case anyone else comes across it.