7.8.2-rc1 system.gui.transform can corrupt size and position

If I use system.gui.transform on a component using a mouse drag event it works for short while and then corrupts the location and size fields for that component in the designer.

If I am lucky I get to see the x,y,width and height displaying a non-printing character field.

More often than not it will cause the designer to crash if you try and select the component being transformed.

If I set size in the mouse pressed event using transform and then use deprecated system.gui.moveComponent everything works as expected.

To recover the corrupt designer project I have to run a transform operation as a single event (i.e not a mouse move event). This sometimes let me select the corrupted component. Even then it still shows corrupted values even though it has been fed good data. One can then manually override the properties to valid data.

In my use case the mouse events percolate up from a component within a template within a TemplateCanvas and then control a component (rectangle) in the window containing the TemplateCanvas.

No console messages display in designer when all this happens.

Could you call or email support with this so we can reproduce it and fix it? Thanks!

Is the component set to an anchored or relative layout?