7.8 Beta - String Array

I downloaded the 7.8 Beta release and migrated a project from 7.7.

Just wanted to let the developers know there is an issue with string array in V24 of the ControlLogix Driver. I have a STRING[200] and it reads fine if the Tags have no data in the array. If I put any data in any string it will go to an Unknown state.

Although I can put data in STRING[0] and it is fine.
And if I leave data in STRING[0] and putting data in STRING[1] in the PLC - the data actually shows up in STRING[18] in Ignition, so there is an offset issue. But if I clear STRING[0] the whole array goes to an unknown state again.

Thanks for the report.

Just to sanity check and clarify things: you should be seeing the exact same behavior in 7.7 as well. If that’s not the case something goofy is going on here…


You might be correct -but it did work fine in the 7.7 version of this project when were talking with a L32E V19 - This new project will be using 7.8 and V24.

I don’t have a way to test that in house as our only processor is the newer L33ER

Ok, thanks, I’ll look into it.

Can this be moved into the 7.8 forum - Hopefully this gets resolved fairly soon.

I’ve already fixed it, you’ll be able to get it on Monday when we release 7.8.0-rc2