7.8 report module hide/show graph

This probably is very simple to solve, i just can’t the right statement…

In reporting i add a timeserieschart and set the correct dataset.
On the properties tab of my graph is select ‘Visible’, Rmouseclick and select ‘Use dynamic data key’.

I would like to show the graph when a key in the data for this graph is bigger as ‘0’ so i tried
“max.Power>0?1” / “@max.Power>0?1@”/ “max.Power<>0”/ “max.Power<>0?1”
and so on…

If i fill in a solid ‘1’ the graph shows, if i fill in “1/1” the graph shows…
So i even added a column to my dataset with a ‘1’ and used this column, no luck whatsoever. :confused:

Could anybody help me with a proper statement which will show my graph when the max value for a column in my dataset is bigger as ‘0’??
I tried some more, i have a bunch of datasets called “Engine 1”,“Engine 2” etc. When selecting the dynamic value you get to choose one from the current dataset connected to the graph. This displays as “Power”, and does not work. When altering this to “Engine 1.Power” it does work… Looks like a bug?