7.8 Report XY

Hello, I have a SQL query generating data for a XY Chart in a report in Ignition. The 1st query (parent) looks at the sum of all fails and plots fail quantity (y axis) against time (x axis). I would like to, on the same chart, show the individual cells (16 cells), one cell per pen. I tried to do a child query which returns hour, quantity, and by having the cell in the title name I know where the data is coming from for my pen description.

I tried on 7.8.0 and the parent query returns data ok but the child returns no data, when I run the query in db query browser I get the data I want. I saw a thread detailing issues with child queries in 7.8.0, so I upgrade to 7.8.2 but the issue remains.

Your best bet is to work with support on this. Without seeing all your queries and set up, it’s going to be just about impossible to help you with this, and the forum isn’t a great place to make that happen.