7.8.x sdk version availability in nexus repository

When it is planned to be available the 7.8.0 ignition-sdk in the online nexus repository?

For the future: the sdk version availability is planned to be linked to the current release build system or will be a separate manual process? If will be automatically, in which version do you plan to have working on?

Thanks in advance.


I just released the 7.8.0 version of the SDK, it should be available shortly (whenever the nexus proxy decides to start resolving the new version…)

Hoping that the SDK will be released automatically alongside Ignition in the future, but I’m not sure about a timeline for it. It’s not super high priority because we rarely, and aren’t supposed to, change anything in the SDK APIs, so developing against 7.8.0 should be the same as 7.8.1 or 7.8.2, etc…

It is understood. Also, it does not cost so much knock the door here in one year, if the answer is going to be so fast.

Thanks Kevin.