7.9.10 Gateway Faulted. Won't start

Gateway faulted out on me yesterday, refuses to re-start. Not having any luck finding a solution. Wrapper.log attached.wrapper.log (1.6 MB)


Bleh… I’ve only got a crappy work around for you at the moment: try removing the MySQL JDBC jar from user-lib/jdbc (I think?) and starting the gateway.

I need to ask around but this might only be fixable by upgrading to 7.9.11 beta or downgrading back to 7.9.9.

This looks like an issue that should be fixed in 7.9.11, but could I get some more info on your system? First, what version of Java are you using on the gateway? Also, is this a “fresh” Ignition install (that started on 7.9.10) or did you upgrade from a previous version, or restore a .gwbk?

Java version 8 Update 201 build 1.8.0_201-b09.
Kind of a fresh install of Ignition. Installed it last week to take my core test with. Uninstalled an earlier (don’t remember which) version before installing.
Restored core test backup Ignition7.9CoreTroubleshooting.gwbk
Was working on Friday and yesterday, Made a change to map the database connection to my local copy of MySQL and everything said valid. Shut down to work on other things, and wouldn’t start back up after that.

Also forgot to mention, MySQL version 5.7.15, if that’s of any value to you.

Hmm, you may need to replace the jdbc driver (that came from the test .gwbk file) with a new version from MySQL: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/8.0.html

Use this KBA for reference on what changes you may need to the connection string:

Applied the upgrade to MySQL drivers, but Ignition web interface wont start. Gateway still faulted so I cant apply the rest of the fix shown in KBA article. Is this setting stored somewhere in a text file where I can change it manually?

Is it the same error in the wrapper.log? Could you upload it again?

wrapper.log (20.8 KB)

Should I try the 7.9.11 version?

Direction to proceed?

I would get in contact with support - they should be able to guide you through getting things working - you’ll need to use a command-line tool to manually edit the internal database, which is a risky (and non-trivial) operation. You could also try using the gateway control utility to get a gateway backup, then restoring it disabled.

Never did get a response from the Support portal. But restored an old backup and re-configured the database connection.
It now appears that tag histories are not storing correctly. Database connection is valid according to status and configuration screens, but tables are not automatically creating.

New Log file attached.wrapper.log (42.5 KB)