7.9.10 Global templates displaying as 'template not found'


I’m getting a whole bunch of these template not found errors, despite them existing…

15:58:12.697 [AWT-EventQueue-0] WARN Vision.Components.TemplateHolder - Unable to find template for path: "[shared]Static/Maintenance Icon"



I’ve contacted support already, but wondering if anyone else has seen this and has a solution? I’ve already tried restarting the gateway in case it was just a glitch. It doesn’t affect all global templates and it affects no project templates.

Related to a space in the name, perhaps?

Nope, I selected the template from the list.

I ended up wiping the gateway and importing back in all the config (import project and global project, tags, gateway settings, etc.) and it’s fine now. Thankfully it only happened in my dev environment; I wouldn’t want to do that on site!