7.9.12 Adhoc trend

Happy thanks giving to everyone. I’m trying to use the ADHOC trend and I have an issue when attempting to save the chart. I understand I need to create a table in the Historical database, in my case MYSQL to be able to save, but what should be the table structure ?
has anyone created such a table for MYSQL ?
Script or import file would be extremely appreciated


Simply import this into your own project. To enable database storage, login with an Administrator account and use the Configure Databases option to enable/disable database access. (the 'Administrator' role can be replaced in the bindings if necessary)

You should be able to interact with your DBs straight away via the ad hoc trends view. No manual table creation needed as far as I know.

One thing that did lead me to believe something was wrong the first time I used it:

I tried saving a chart (e.g. "test):

But I never clicked on "Create test" in the dropdown, I went straight and clicked Save. You are suppose to click "Create test" first and then Save.

Maybe you are doing the same and that is giving you the impression that the tool is not working?