7.9.13 Ignition Gateway with Dual NICs on two networks?

Hello all-

I’ve got a customer with a simple gateway running on an isolated controls network. (192.168.x.x) They would like to use their office PCs as clients to monitor the process, but the office network needs to be isolated from the controls network.

The gateway server (Windows 10) has dual NICs. Is it possible to simply connect the second NIC to the office network for those clients? The office network will use a different IP address range. Would that be relatively seamless?

It should be relatively seamless, though I doubt it will pass their IT department’s security guidelines. The whole point of such isolation is to keep old, unsecure Windows-based control components away from modern Windows hazards.

I strongly recommend you not do this. At least, not as long as the Ignition Gateway is running on Windows.

A better solution would be a commercial-grade firewall between the two networks, configured to forward traffic from a specific address on the office side to the Ignition Gateway on the production side.

(Modern commercial-grade firewalls are not Windows-based.)