7.9.2 release date?

What is the 7.9.2 release date ?

Soon-ish :slight_smile: We’re working towards a beta release right now…

:thumb_left: thanks, it would be very useful if you could publish too the updated SDK javadoc for 7.9.2 at the same times !

Beta is up…

7.9.2-RC2 or final is coming ?

Can you indicate if the try() expression function has been fixed in this release?

(Try() throws NO_REFERENCE_FOUND and 1/None errors when it should just return the ‘else’ value
E.g. Try(2/None, ‘Invalid’) will return an error and an overlay
Try(tag(‘This Tag Doesn’t Exist!’), ‘Non-existant’) will throw a NO_REFERENCE_FOUND error and show an overlay)

That’s not fixed in 7.9.2.

Ok, that’s a shame, I need to use this feature…

7.9.2 was released April 14th.

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