7.9.2RC1Local fallback Gateway opt on native client launcher

In the 7.9.2-RC1 changelog, you mention this new features :

Native Client Launchers / Added Functionality :

Local fallback Gateway option has now been added to native launchers. The configured local fallback Gateway is used if the configured primary/backup Gateways cannot be contacted after a specified number of connect attempts.

How to configure it from the native client launcher ? from the commande line ? client launcher parameters ?

Ah, I guess the online user manual wasn’t updated yet. I just added the settings to https://docs.inductiveautomation.com:8443/display/DOC79/Native+Client+Launchers

The settings you want to look at are the gateway.fallback.addr setting and the fallback.project setting.

I matt the native client launcher manage redundant gateway with gateway.addr, gateway.backup.addr.
In addition to gateway.fallback.addr and fallback.project, have you parameters if the fallback gateway is a redundant ignition system too. how the fallback found the backup gateway if for example the master fallback gateway is shutdow ?

So what happens with a redundant system is that the native launcher will alternate between trying to reach the master address and the backup address until the retry limit is reached. When that happens, the native launcher will try to load the fallback project. This is why the retry limit cannot be unlimited (-1) if you want to specify a fallback project.

OK, launcher go to gateway.addr and then gateway.backup.addr, and then to gateway.fallback.addr/fallback.project, but if the gateway.fallback.addr is a redundant system and the gateway.fallback.addr is unreachable (gw master is down and gw backup is active), the native client will not success to contact the gateway.fallback.addr ??? there is no gateway.fallback.backup.addr ??? :scratch:

The intent with the fallback address is really meant to specify a local gateway fallback project that can launch a minimal client during a network outage. The fallback gateway isn’t really meant to be in a redundant pair. In retrospect, we probably should have named the parameters differently to make the intent more clear.

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