7.9.4 Final ETA

Is there an ETA on 7.9.4? Beta has been up for awhile… I have some bugs that got squashed in 7.9.4 that I am waiting for.

We’re closing in fast on RC1 (maybe this week if all goes well?). Fingers crossed that final won’t be long after that.

Any new about the ETA for the final 7.9.4 ?

Today, as long as everything goes as expected.


::checks download page anxiously:: :nerd:

Where is it? 7.9.4?

According to support, it got pulled down for some “issues”… hopefully nothing too serious, I’m running it on one of my gateways already…

And we are at 9.9.3 already? :ok_hand:

Wow, how the time flyes…

There are some UDT parameterization issues in alarm display paths… Only know because I’m running it too! :slight_smile:

me too, both of my servers are running it. haven’t seen any problems yet, fingers crossed it holds out until they get a new 7.9.4 out.