7.9.5 Alarm Source Filter Wildcard Not Working

Hey all,
I’m having an issue with a wildcard (*) filter not working in the source filter of my Alarm Status Table, and not working in the Path of a system.alarm.queryStatus script. Incidentally the issue is NOT affecting my Alarm Journal Table. Similar to what was 1st reported here except this is a 7.9.5 install.

When trying to use the filter *Main Plant* alarms that should be shown are not. Definitely not the goal I’m after!

Did you figure that out? I have the same issue. I updated from 7.9.2 to 7.9.5 this morning and the old wild card (* )which use to work with older version doesn’t work anymore.

This is a known regression that slipped into 7.9.5; it’s already been fixed in 7.9.6.

Same as support told me…any anticipated release date for 7.9.6?
This particular bug is killing me!

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We are in the same situation but have bandaided it with the following

system.alarm.queryStatus(source=["*"],all_properties=properties = [(“AlarmGroup”,"=",“ML1”)])

I don’t know if you set a custom property for area on your alarms, but this works since we do.

Yep, I change the alarm status filter as a workaround after upgrading to 7.9.5…:frowning2:
Hope 7.9.6 will be released as soon as possible !

7.9.6 beta will be available soon?

FYI, I am getting it to work if I include most of the tag. For example

sourceFilter = “prov:default:/tag:Enterprise/Burleson1/Extrusion/Line1/TemperatureReceiver/Transmitter_007*”
alarms = system.alarm.queryStatus(source=[sourceFilter])

does return the following sources

Hi @PGriffith
Have you an ETA for the final 7.9.6 ??? we are speciality looking for the alarm source filter bug fix to upgrade our 7.9.4 applications.

Last I heard was within the next two weeks, barring any significant discoveries.


thanks paul for this feedback.

Hi @PGriffith, the 7.9.6 final release is delayed?