7.9.7 Just Wrecked my Logix Driver

Hi Guys,
So I upgraded a GW from 7.9.5 to 7.9.7. My tags out of my L33 CompactLogix are having overlay issues. I think I can read data using OPC Quick Client.

The logs report an “Uncaught Throwable during Execution”
at com.inductivautomation.xopc.drivers.logix.browse.LogixBrowseState.tag(LogixBrowseState.java:83)

I also read 7.9.7 had Update Query issues. Which I did notice that on a Dev Gateway I had with 7.9.7. I kept having to recreate Objects cause I was getting UPDATE Query errors.

Then I found the Posts where people explained the Update Checkbox got turned on in 7.9.7. Yikes

Is there a Known Issues List for Versions? Or just have to check Forums? I looked at Change log but that lists what is Fixed.

I already Uninstalled 7.9.7 and reinstalled 7.9.5. Just about to reload the 7.9.5 backup I Took. But it seems like the Projects were still on Gateway after Installing 7.9.5. I don’t know if I trust the projects after they were upgraded to 7.9.7 and now they just opened up on the Reinstalled 7.9.5. The projects weren’t Deleted during “uninstall”, which I guess is good.

I think I am going to “reload” the 7.9.5 GW backup I took before the upgrade.

This is fixed in 7.9.8. Is there a reason you went to 7.9.7 instead?

We started upgrading a few weeks ago. I installed 7.9.7 on a Dev a few weeks ago and it seemed OK. Of course the one project that gave me issues 7.9.7 issues was not enabled on my Dev server, the one that used the Logix driver.

I had another developer who was using 7.9.7 and that’s what he was developing on.

I should have read the Forums more closely. I have some other Dev Dev VMs that I need to spin up again.

I saw the 7.9.8 fixed Logix item in the Change Log after the fact. I didn’t realize the 7.9.7 Logix bug was a show stopper, until I upgraded. Hopefully others do not make the same mistake I did.