7.9.8 Device Names

I’ve noticed after upgrading a system from 7.9.7 to 7.9.8 that pound signs are no longer allowed as part of a device name. This is fine, however for any existing devices that do have a pound sign in the device name this poses a problem. The device configuration cannot be edited because the existing name is not valid. Additionally, any status information on the device no longer works. “Hello World” shows up in the device status now. Other devices using the same drivers (ControlLogix and Legacy ControlLogix) without a pound sign in the name display their status information correctly.

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Same with a “-” character. This is problematic for our environment and we had to hold the OPC module at 7.9.6 version.

Someone went a little overboard with a name validator, the change was rolled back for 7.9.9.


Thank You
We will be skipping version 7.9.8