7.9.9 Anything to be on Lookout for?

Hi Guys,

Trying to get out from under the 7.9.7/ 7.9.8 issues I am going to upgrade my Dev GW to 7.9.9 today.
Has anybody discovered any issues?

If 7.9.9 DEV looks good for a week I plan to upgrade my 7.9.5 Prod GW to 7.9.9.

I put myself in a hole with Upgrading my Dev to 7.9.7 without realizing the Logix Driver issue. Then 7.9.8 had the Easy Chart Save Button issues.

Hopefully the Instrument Interface from 7.9.8(Version: ) works with 7.9.9 because there is nothing listed under Sepasoft heading on the 7.9.9 download page.

There was an issue of database “update” queries automatically enabling itself randomly. When the client gets updated, it gives the message that the update query threw an error, even though it wasn’t enabled by the developer. That issue was fixed, as well as faster updates from the designer.

Biggest pain points from 7.9.7/7.9.8 that are fixed:

  1. SQL query bindings attempting to run UPDATE queries; this is fixed in all circumstances (that we’re aware of, anyways).
  2. AB drivers failing on common device names, ie hyphens.
  3. The named query cache maintenance task(s) overflowing and consuming excessive CPU and memory.
  4. MySQL Server 8.0 is now supported on new Ignition installs; we updated the JDBC driver used, the default connection arguments, and some backend code related to listing tables in the designer.
  5. Property bindings firing inconsistently/out of order when windows were cached.
  6. A rare save/publish issue that caused visual revert in an active designer.
  7. The web browser component not following the ‘starting URL’ property correctly.

The other changes include quality of life stuff around named queries - byte array/BLOB support, consistency between legacy bindings and NQ bindings, a clear cache button in the client diagnostics, etc.


Can confirm this is fixed in 7.9.9. Most certainly the worst bug I have ever experienced in Ignition.