7.9.9 Translation imports to Alternate English

Hey all,

Been working on a script to automate translations through MS Translate (2 miilion characters free per month appeals to my sense of cheap). My XMLs seem to be generating okay.

However, when I try to import, it ignores the locale. It does, however, use the locale in a an xml exported from the translation manager.

Everything works otherwise, but I’m confused as to why the locale is ignored. Here’s a input and output file for your consideration.

translatorTest_ja_output.XML (462 Bytes)
translatorTest_ja.XML (341 Bytes)

Well, I have good news and I have bad news…

The bad news is we’re completely failing to parse the locale. I’ll make a ticket for that, because we can do better there. (For my future self, ticket is FB11592)

The good news is if you set the dropdown to Japanese, even though it looks like it will import to English Alternate, it imports to Japanese.

You’re a brave man to trust automated translations. :laughing:


Thanks, Kathy.

It’s not really something I needed, per se, but it would give someone a nice framework to start with if there are many entries and multiple locales.

Although you should see some translations from Japanese to English by live people… heh.